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Will life ever serve without lying

lies2By Dalia Rashwan
Many people nowadays see truth as if it is a fancy avenue and they consider lying an indiscreet part of modern life.
All Muslim Clerics and Scholars, calling to speak the truth, are said to be talking theoretically. How can we nowadays be truthful?! as if we are truthful we can break up our families, friends or even job or marriage.
There are many reasons that are urging us not to abandon lying, finding the logical justification to attach by this dispraised habit.
At the beginning I want to stress on the important point which is “the habituation of sin”, unfortunately that disease makes us, those who call for morals, as if we are talking about a strange thing. How can we change our behaviors as, from our point of view, life moves on and everything is calm “we had habituated sins”, we lost the bounds and the limits that Allah has placed……
Allah SWT punished the sinners by the hard life that he promised them, however, they got used to this depressing life without referring the reasons of their misery to sins, but “this is life” as they say.
They know nothing about our fellows who follow Allah’s orders and contraindications. They know nothing about Allah’s rewards as granting them a life full of the pleasure of faith in the middle of daily life hardship.
As the believers are the most trailed people, the others think that their faith (Eman) is not useful, but they know nothing about the pleasures that Allah has overflowed over those believers in life and after……..
“The promise of Allah is true”.
I heard the one who says “I am weak in front of women, so I compelled for adultery and Allah is the most merciful”, another who says that his problem is that his job is unlawfully prohibited but he can not find another one, and Allah is the most merciful and forgiving. Another who says that he needs money so he is compelled to take a bribe, ………so on lying and every sin goes on, but I am wondering!! Did Allah interdict adultery to the one who does not incline to it? Did He interdict bribe to those who do not need money? And did He order us to lowering our gaze to those who do not find women around them? How can we say so and believe it as a  justification?
Allah interdicted those who resist all these sins and hadn’t  the  ability to hold on in front of them, and He put the substitutes that dispense the human of the forbidden, but we only need what we call Jihad “forcing our souls” “exerting efforts”, the prophet PBUH described this Jihad by “the great Jihad”, but we are lazy, wanting life to be changed on its own while we are sleeping at home and we pretend to forget the words of Allah:
“Verily never Allah change the condition of a people until they change it themselves (with their own souls)”.
The Almighty Allah SWT says:
 “On no soul doth Allah place a burden greater than it can bear” ,and many people repeat those words fallaciously to express that they are required more than what they are able to do, inasmuch as they are lazy and inasmuch as their awake from their sleeping is so hard for them so Allah will forgive such hardship.
However the fact of the matter is that what Allah imposed upon us and what He forbid is able to be informed, as Allah SWT knows and He will not cost our souls more than what we are able to inform. So you have to work hard and to struggle as you can bear that, and that is what your creator had confirmed.
My words does not apply to lying only, but to all the ethics that we lost and to Allah ‘s limits that we transgressed.
Returning back to lying, I contemplated this habit on those around me and I found that who starts lying does not ever stop at a certain limit, lying sinks the liar as the moving sand, so that he can not ever extract himself from it except through a pure repentance followed by a help from Allah.
And because Allah is the most merciful you’ll find that He gives the liar a period of time may be he returns back to Allah, but if he does not repent he’ll find that his lying was exposed and the problems come from everywhere, and whenever he lies Allah exposes him.
Such a person will turn to be a hypocrite, and will be known among people by this characteristic, he will be dislikable among them, his reputation will be worse and the worst of all he will never be trusted by anybody.
Can you imagine losing people’s confidence and credibility? What does that mean? Means that whatever you say nobody will believe, whether if you need help, or talking about an issue or if you have any right, who can believe you?!
There is another disaster between the lyre and his wife and friends, as doubt will be in everything coming from that person.
What kind of life is this? And why do we accept such a thing on ourselves?
Honesty is freedom, and lying is a restriction that destroys the one who lies although it seems to him that is a life boat.
While looking around  I see a lot of people who reach that level and many are on their way. But my detailed description makes people feel that its an exaggeration, but its not so, it’s the painful reality.
Some people may impress us and we may like their looks, although they are hiding behind them that monster who is called lying and hypocrisy, and we know that about them, but their looks attracts us, and we can find those who seek or wish to be like them.
Our real problem is that Allah gives each of us all what he wants and with every detail. So brother be aware what u wish for Allah is not looking to what you say to those around you and to what you show to them, but Allah bring you what you hide in your heart, and how many sins you hide.
Truth is the hardest way but it is easy if Allah wants it to be easy, if you decided to be honest so Allah will save you from every situation you think you would never escape from, and He will reward you by being esteemed among the people and your words will be in a gold scale. But you have to know that everything is from Allah and that being truthful is hard at the beginning as all ever obedience, till you prove to Allah that you are serious about leaving lying for His sake.
Do you think that Allah will vanish you after trusting Him and leaving a repulsive thing for His sake?
Allah SWT says
“Do men think that they will be left alone on saying {we believe} and that they will not be tasted?
We did test those before them, and Allah will certainly know those who are true from those who are false”.
Translated By Heba Ahmad

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